Thank you for visiting Watches with Patina!  This site is a place for all watch lovers with a special focus on high quality vintage timepieces.  As the name states, patina is my passion. The history and stories behind each watch lends a unique character that is exclusive to vintage. The hope is that you can appreciate and see the beauty of these features in the same light as I do.  As a collector, I understand the hard work that goes into finding the next addition to your collection. Watches with Patina is dedicated to a standard of excellence and attention to detail, with the collector's best interest in mind.  What you get here is a collector to collector transaction with a commitment to finding the best examples possible and presenting them to you. The rule is simple, I would not sell anything that I would not add to my own personal collection. 

Thank you for visiting Watches with Patina. I look forward in assisting you in your next horological endeavor!

-David M. Kim